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Bupropion Provigil

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Posted by Kigahn on 2022-09-09

A case is presented of a patient diagnosed with depression, taking 2 antidepressants, who had previously failed augmentation with lithium and levothyroxine, but achieved remission with the addition of modafinil. Case report. A, a year-old woman, was Progigil by her family physician for consultation on antidepressant treatment strategies.

Bupropjon medical history was unremarkable, and a psychiatric review of systems was significant for the lack of past or present suicidal ideation and lack of psychotic Bupropion Provigil or manic symptoms.

At the time of consultation, she was taking bupropion Provigul release, mg b. She denied the use of alcohol, illicit substances, tobacco, and herbal products. Laboratory studies showed a lithium level of 0. A urine pregnancy test was negative. A was concerned about a lb 9-kg weight gain she associated with the lithium and asked to discontinue this medication as she Bupropion Provigil no better since its addition. Based on the thinking that her low energy could be due in part to poor sleep, zaleplon, 10 mg, was added, and the patient was instructed on sleep hygiene techniques.

Within several days, she reported improved sleep, yet continued to experience residual low energy. She agreed to the addition of venlafaxine extended release started at At a month's time, her Bupropion Provigil score Provgiil dropped to 12, but she continued to experience low energy and poor concentration.

A second TSH, complete blood count, and pregnancy test were Bupropuon normal limits or negative.

Wellbutrin and Modafinil: Useful Guide to Mixing Drugs

A remains in full remission. Modafinil is a medication approved by the U. Food and Drug Administration to treat excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy. Its mechanism of action is unknown, but appears to be distinct from amphetamine and methylphenidate in that it does not seem to mediate wakefulness via dopaminergic mechanisms.

By improving her energy, her overall sense of Bupropion Provigil undoubtedly contributed to achieving remission. Although single case reports should be interpreted with caution, patients with depression and continued low energy may constitute a particular group who might benefit Bupropion Provigil a similar augmentation strategy. By impeding the transition from open-to-out to occluded and inward-facing conformations, the W84L and DN mutants enhance the binding affinity of cocaine-like DAT ligands, which bind to and stabilize the outward-facing state.

However, the mutations display either unchanged or decreased affinity for atypical inhibitors—as well as DAT substrates such as dextroamphetamine and certain bivalent substrate-like ligands see [47] —allowing them to be used as tools to determine whether or not a particular ligand possesses a cocaine-like Bupropion Provigil of action.

Wellbutrin and Modafinil: Useful Guide to Mixing Drugs -

In a previous structure-activity relationship SAR investigation of a variety of structurally unique DAT inhibitors, we used these two transporter mutants to show that the presence of a diphenylmethoxy moiety was sufficient but not necessary to engender a given DAT inhibitor molecule with an atypical binding profile [42].

The fact that modafinil Bupropion Provigil a similar diphenylmethyl structural moiety—albeit with a sulfinyl functionality in place of the diphenylmethoxy ether oxygen atom—was a motivation for investigating its potential conformation-specific interaction with the DAT. The data obtained with our outward-biasing DAT mutants are consistent with the idea that modafinil exhibits an interaction mode akin to that of the diphenylmethoxy-based inhibitors benztropine and GBR, but different than that of cocaine and methylphenidate.

This conclusion is further supported by the binding assays we performed under conformation-biasing ionic conditions, as well as our computational modeling data. Amongst the DAT inhibitors tested, the binding affinity of modafinil was the least impacted by replacement of extracellular sodium with the inert cation NMDG, a treatment known to shift the dynamic equilibrium of the transporter from a predominately open-to-out state to a more inward-facing one.

Binding of the benztropine analogue JHW, a potent DAT inhibitor that elicits neither self-administration nor place preference in behavioral reinforcement tests, has also been found to be largely insensitive to extracellular sodium levels [80].

In order to provide a structural context for the binding and mutagenesis results, we also performed computational studies of inhibitor interaction with a DAT molecular model. By breaking this interaction, cocaine-like inhibitors appear to impede closure of the extracellular gating network and therefore prevent the transporter from transitioning from the open-to-out state to the occluded state.

By contrast, docking models of the atypical inhibitors R -modafinil and S -bupropion revealed a preserved DY hydrogen bond, suggesting that binding of either of these inhibitors does not prevent the DAT from transitioning to a closed-to-out occluded conformation. It is important to note that the respective effects of cocaine-like or atypical Bupropion Provigil on the DY interaction were maintained when inhibitors were docked in either the central S1 substrate-binding site or the putative vestibular S2 site.

The exact binding location of uptake inhibitors in NSS proteins has been intensely debated, particularly following the discovery of tricyclic Bupropion Provigil at the S2 site in the bacterial NSS family member LeuT. Our docking models, however, suggest that cocaine-like and atypical inhibitors can exert differential conformational effects in the transporter protein upon binding at either site.

Interestingly, the DY hydrogen bond is also preserved in models of DAT substrate binding [31][47]. This raises the possibility that, despite not being translocated across the membrane, atypical inhibitors like modafinil interact with the DAT in substrate-like manner. The rationale being that having a significant percentage of DATs stabilized in a substrate-like closed conformation will prevent cocaine from interacting with the transporter.

This idea is in fact consistent with the preclinical literature, which suggests that substrates such as dextroamphetamine and atypical DAT inhibitors such as modafinil and the benztropines are more effective as treatments for cocaine addiction than methylphenidate, which preferentially interacts with the same transporter conformation as cocaine [91].

Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

PLoS One. Published online Oct Kyle C. Schmitt 1 Bupropion Provigil Maarten E. Maarten E. Kenji Hashimoto, Editor. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Received Jul 6; Accepted Sep Bupropion Provigil Schmitt, Reith.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any Bupropion Provigil, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

This article has been corrected. See PLoS One. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Modafinil is a mild psychostimulant with pro-cognitive and antidepressant effects. Introduction Modafinil 2- benzhydrylsulfinyl acetamide is a mild psychostimulant-like agent that increases wakefulness, improves attention and enhances performance in a variety of cognitive tasks [1] — Bupropion Provigil.

Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Cartoon representation of the DAT alternating access conformational cycle. Homology modeling and flexible docking The DAT protein homology model was generated in a manner similar to the procedure detailed in Schmitt et al. Results Binding and mutant affinity-shift profile of modafinil and DAT inhibitors Modafinil and other compounds—representing different chemical classes of DAT ligands Fig.

Figure 2. Chemical structures of modafinil and other tested DAT inhibitor ligands. Data for inhibitors other than modafinil included from [42] for reference. Effects Bupropion Provigil ionic conformational manipulation on modafinil and DAT inhibitor binding Various endogenous ionic species are known affect the conformational equilibrium of the DAT and other NSS-family proteins. Figure 3. Final energy-minimized poses of atypical inhibitors docked at the DAT primary S1 and vestibular S2 substrate binding sites.

Figure 4. Molecular interaction diagrams of docked atypical inhibitors. Figure 5. Figure 6. Molecular interaction diagrams of cocaine-like inhibitors docked at the S1 and S2 sites.

Discussion The stimulant and nootropic compound modafinil was initially assumed not to possess a dopaminergic mechanism of action, due to its structural dissimilarity to other DAT ligands and its relatively low micromolar-level affinity for the DAT [71]. PDF Click here for additional data file. Footnotes Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. References 1. Biol Psychiatry. Go here improves rapid shifts of attention.

The psychostimulant modafinil facilitates water maze performance and augments synaptic potentiation in dentate gyrus. Depression-like deficits in rats improved by subchronic modafinil. Adjunctive modafinil at initiation of treatment with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor enhances the degree and onset of therapeutic effects in patients with major depressive disorder and fatigue.

J Clinical Psychiatry. Modafinil augmentation for residual symptoms of Drugs Other Provigil Interactions in Bupropion Provigil with a partial response to antidepressants.

Annals of Pharmacotherapy. The explicit learning of new names for known objects is Bupropion Provigil by dexamphetamine. Brain Lang. Amphetamine modulation of long-term potentiation in the prefrontal cortex: dose dependency, monoaminergic contributions, and paradoxical rescue in hyperdopaminergic mutant. J Neurochem.

Effect of an acute d-amphetamine administration on context information memory in healthy volunteers: evidence from a source memory task. Hum Psychopharmacol.

Modulatory effects of modafinil on neural circuits regulating emotion and cognition. Modafinil: a review of neurochemical actions and effects on cognition.

Augmentation With Modafinil to Achieve Remission in Depression: A Case Report - PMC

Genetic and environmental influences on transitions in drug use. Behav Genet. Bupropion Provigil associated with the transition from abuse to dependence among substance abusers: implications for a measure of addictive liability. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of modafinil for cocaine dependence. Smoked cocaine self-administration is decreased by modafinil. Modafinil does not serve as link reinforcer in cocaine abusers.

Ballon JS, Feifel D. A systematic review of modafinil: Go here clinical uses and mechanisms of action. Evidence click here the involvement of dopamine transporters in behavioral stimulant effects of modafinil. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. Dopamine transport inhibitors based on GBR and benztropine as potential medications to treat cocaine addiction.

Biochem Pharmacol. N-substituted benztropine analogs: selective dopamine transporter ligands with a fast onset of action and minimal cocaine-like behavioral effects. Relationship between conformational changes in the dopamine transporter and cocaine-like subjective effects of uptake inhibitors.

Molecular Pharmacology. Woolverton WL, Wang Z. Relationship between injection duration, transporter occupancy and Bupropion Provigil strength of cocaine. Eur J Pharmacol. A reduced rate of in vivo dopamine transporter binding is associated with lower relative reinforcing efficacy of stimulants. Relationship between rate of drug uptake in brain Bupropion Provigil behavioral pharmacology of monoamine transporter inhibitors in rhesus monkeys.

Pharmacol Biochem Behav. Lower reinforcing strength of the phenyltropane cocaine analogs RTI and RTI compared to cocaine in nonhuman primates. Behavioral evaluation of modafinil and the abuse-related effects of cocaine in rhesus monkeys. Experimental Clin Psychopharmacol. LeuT-desipramine structure reveals how antidepressants block neurotransmitter reuptake. A competitive inhibitor traps LeuT in an open-to-out conformation. Huang X, Zhan C-G. How dopamine transporter interacts with dopamine: insights from molecular modeling and simulation.

Biophysical Journal. The binding sites for cocaine and dopamine in the dopamine transporter overlap. Nat Neurosci. Mol Cell. Nat Struct Mol Biol. Single-molecule dynamics of gating in a neurotransmitter transporter homologue.

An intracellular interaction network regulates conformational transitions in the dopamine transporter. J Biol Chem. Binding of an octylglucoside detergent molecule in the second substrate S2 site of LeuT establishes an inhibitor-bound conformation.

Proc Natl Acad Sci. Antidepressant binding site in a bacterial homologue of neurotransmitter transporters. The uptake inhibitors cocaine and benztropine differentially alter the conformation of the human dopamine transporter. Interaction of cocaine- benztropine- and GBRlike compounds with wild-type and mutant human dopamine transporters: molecular features that differentially determine antagonist-binding properties.

The role of conserved tryptophan and Bupropion Provigil residues in the human dopamine transporter as characterized by site-directed Bupropion Provigil. Mutation of Trp84 and Asp of the dopamine transporter reveals similar mode of binding interaction for GBR and benztropine as opposed to cocaine. Defining proximity relationships in the tertiary structure of the dopamine transporter.

Cheng Y, Prusoff WH. Relationship between the inhibition constant K1 and the concentration of inhibitor which causes 50 per cent inhibition I50 of an enzymatic reaction. Bivalent phenethylamines as novel dopamine transporter inhibitors: evidence Bupropion Provigil multiple substrate-binding sites in a single transporter.

Labute P. J Comput Chem. Bupropion Provigil of Applied Crystallography. Modafinil occupies dopamine and norepinephrine transporters in vivo and modulates the transporters and Bupropion Provigil amine activity in vitro.

Aspartate of the dopamine transporter is critical for conformational changes in substrate translocation and cocaine binding. Interaction of catechol and non-catechol substrates with externally or internally facing dopamine transporters. Membrane cholesterol modulates the outward facing conformation of the dopamine transporter and alters cocaine binding. Enantioselective effects of hydroxy metabolites of bupropion on Bupropion Provigil and on function of monoamine transporters and nicotinic receptors.

In vitro characterization of ephedrine-related stereoisomers at biogenic amine transporters Bupropion Provigil the receptorome reveals selective actions as norepinephrine transporter substrates.

Enantioselective behavioral effects of threo-methylphenidate in rats. Methylphenidate and its ethanol transesterification metabolite ethylphenidate: brain disposition, monoamine transporters and motor activity.

Behavioural Pharmacology. Chiral analysis of d- and l-modafinil in human serum: application to human pharmacokinetic studies. Ther Drug Monitor. Mechanism for cocaine blocking the transport of dopamine: insights from molecular modeling and dynamics simulations. J Phys Chem B. Molecular dynamics of leucine and dopamine transporter proteins in a model cell membrane lipid bilayer.

The substrate-driven transition to an inward-facing conformation in the functional mechanism of the dopamine transporter.

Modafinil binds to the dopamine uptake carrier site with low affinity. Bupropion Provigil of modafinil on dopamine and dopamine transporters in the male human brain: Bupgopion implications. Modafinil blocks reinstatement of extinguished opiate-seeking in rats: mediation by a glutamate mechanism.

Study of the addictive potential of modafinil in naive and cocaine-experienced rats. Evaluation of the cocaine-like discriminative stimulus effects and reinforcing effects of modafinil. Psychostimulant-like discriminative stimulus and locomotor sensitization properties of the Bupropion Provigil agent here in rodents.

Addictive potential of modafinil and cross-sensitization with cocaine: a pre-clinical study.

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